“His cultural knowledge and dramatic style have made his performances a pleasure to watch, and we always have requests to bring him back after each show.” – Claire Litton, Director of Khafif Music and Dance, Pittsburgh, PA


“More than several guests remarked to me … on how exhilarating an experience your performance was for them… It is a credit to you and your craft that yours was the first presentation of butoh (contemporary Japanese dance) in Dayton, OH.” – Leigh Alfred Waltz, MFA, Director of Dayton Live Art Network, Dayton, OH


“What he (Gio) does is absolutely amazing.” – KDKA (CBS-owned TV station in Pittsburgh, PA)

“Japanese dancer and choreographer Gio’s performance  Beyond Intolerance 2011; A bare chested man with lean muscles, a shock of spiky black hair and well-worn silver pants recites a somber poem. Then he thrusts his body violently, using hyper-controlled movements of Butoh, a Japanese avant-garde protest dance. Kato drops into a ball on the stage. He alternates between rage and vulnerability. He grabs Katana and Wakizashi swords, lashing them around his whirling body. “The piece prompts the audience to consider an option of transforming the flame of anger into prayer,” Gio writes.” AEOAI (Cincinnati-based news paper, Cincinnati, OH)


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