Mission Statement

It is my belief that mission of art is to “move” people.  People feel moved when the art touches their pain, when it helps them experience healing at some level, and when it opens their heart.  You may ask, “Is it that simple?”  Then, I would say, “Yes.”  Contemporary society is wounded at various levels: 1) individual level, 2) societal level, and 3) environmental level.   As an artist, it is impossible for me to ignore these wounds.  Rather, I believe that it is a part of my mission as an artist to address these pains.  If I consider the role of art to be merely the societal criticism, I may stop my artistic expression by simply reflecting back these pains that already exist in the contemporary world.  However, I believe that the role of art in the society goes beyond such simple societal reflection and criticism.  In my eyes, the true value of artwork can be discovered through its capacity to heal and transform these pains and hence opening up people’s heart.  I would not feel embarrassed to say that I believe in the power of art for its capacity to give positive impact to the society.  If my artwork can play any role in the process of bringing healing to the wounded people at various levels (psychologically, spiritually, etc.), to the wounded society (both domestic and international conflicts), or to the wounded ecosystem, I would feel that I am accomplishing my objective as an artist and hence fulfilling my mission.  And, I say this with an end-note that reminds you that my statement does not imply that I know the answer to everything.  Rather, I am just one human being who is struggling through my own life.  However, because of my struggle, I believe that I have a capacity to connect with other struggling souls on earth.  Through this optimism, I keep presenting my artwork with a dream that someday we will all live in the world in which the sense of interconnectedness is the foundation of the entire world…

 In my work, I attempt to include the following elements: 1) symbolically express the contemporary societal wounds, whether at individuals’ psychological or interpersonal levels, societal levels, or earthly levels and 2) show the healing and transformation from such wounds.  As a dancer and a movement artist, my form of expression is primarily through my body. Therefore, I express all levels of human experiences through my body, whether it is pain, suffering, anger, sadness, healing, or prayer.  Sometimes, Butoh helps me be connected with my own pain that can be transformed into the pain at various levels in the society.  At other times, Eurythmy helps me express the prayer for healing.  And, I like including both darkness and light in my presentation, for I believe that we need to have both of these aspects in order to express the entire range of human experiences.


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